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About Paper Square

The Paper for Every Creation
Hello, Every one

Paper Square is  a best place  to find best quality   and affordable scrapbooking materials ,like Cardstocks,A4 size Pattern Papers, Papers for making explosion boxes , greeting cards and other handmade gifts.

At Paper Square We design and produce various style papers for your specific composition, which is according to the mind of each creator.

We started Scrapbooking as a hobby and then it turned into a business. First it  started with the first YouTube video in 2017 and slowly moved towards the business of handmade gifts, where people from the community inquired about the papers used in our products and suggested that these papers be given to all of us. So that they too can make handmade gifts.

We started giving printed paper to many people at a small level and now we are doing the same work on a larger level

Handmade small businesses are growing at the present time, and at the same time the demand for best quality and beautiful designed paper is also increasing day by day. Not only artists, common people also want to try scrapbooking by themselves, but it has become very difficult to get good papers in the local market.


That is why we have started this work. Through this, we will provide the best designer paper, cardstock sheets and tag sheets at affordable prices.

Unlike big traders, we will not force you to take the full pack. Our aim will be to provide you affordable and your favorite designs at a reasonable cost.

 Find what you love,and you can order it online.

We will deliver it to your home.


Thank you for your interest in our work.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso