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Best Seller Scrapbook for birthday

How to Make a Scrapbook

Nowadays, scrapbook is getting the most popularity in handmade gifts.
From birthdays to anniversaries, handmade gifts are being loved for every occasion.

So let’s know today about the easiest way to make a scrapbook.


You will get the basic stuff of making scrapbooks easily at a nearby stationery store.
If some items are not available, you can buy them online as well.
So let’s know what is useful in making a scrapbook.

What You'll Need


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How to make Scrapbook Base

first of taketwo three pieces of card board/chip board as shown in video.

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  • Card board size A4  
  • It has to be covered completely with the black chart paper.
  • Once Base is ready, we can start adding pages to it.

How to Add Pages In Scrapbook​

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Here we have some color paper which we are using to make  scrapbook pages


Page 1

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On the first page we have made 3 cards.
Where two cards are made with simple photos and ribbon is also attached to tie it.
The third card is a Pop up twist card. The video describes. how to make it

Pop Up Twist Card

In this video i have shown that how to make popup twist card

How to make Double Flip Card

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In this section we have shown you how to make a double flip card.

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